Warwick speaks about new Black Star Riders album

Ricky Warwick, the lead vocalist of Black Star Riders, spoke recently on all things relevant about the band: new members and a new album. The interview was conducted by Underkill TV.

Warwick was keen to speak about the process the band went through preparing its new album, Another State Of Grace’:  “We recorded it in February in LA. The first big change is that this is the first record we’ve made with the new lineup. We also changed things up a bit by using a different producer and a different studio.” Warwick added, “If I’m being brutally honest, I think it’s the most fun I ever had making an album in 30 years of making records. The vibe was fantastic.”

He was effusive in praise for their new producer, “Working with Jay Ruston, there was just a cohesion with the band at the minute. Also the new guys, Chad [Szeliga, drums] and Christian [Martucci, guitar] are so chill and positive, it kind of radiates around the whole band. We’re in a good place with Black Star Riders at the moment and long may it continue.”

On previous albums, Warwick collaborated with guitarist Damon Johnson on the songwriting. He was asked whether working with a new partner was difficult. Warwick: “Damon is a wonderful human being, an amazing guitar player and a great songwriter, but I’ve written a lot of songs on my own. I’ve been writing songs for 30 years, so I like being in a situation with other writers where I can go, ‘Hey, I’ve got this. What do you think of that?’ And that’s what I did with Damon.”

Warwick explained how the songwriting worked this time around: “I just went to Christian who is again a great songwriter, and said, ‘Here’s where I am with this song.’ We worked on his demos together. On this record, I took the songs to the guys and we ended up cutting them.”  

It’s this process and the overall ‘vibe’ that has Warwick believing that Another State Of Grace’ could be the “bestBlack Star Riders. “Whether it was the songs or the personnel, I think everything just aligned, and the results will be there for everyone to hear.” 

‘Another State Of Grace’ is due September 6. It will be the band’s follow-up to 2017’s Heavy Fire.’

Source: www.blabbermouth.net

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