Triumph returns

It was a triumphant weekend for Toronto music fans this past weekend – Canadian rock icons, Triumph, reunited for a three-song set. he performance was recorded for an upcoming documentary about the band.

Approximately 300 fans were in attendance to see Rik Emmet, Mike Levine, and Gil Moore perform together for the first time in 11 years, and the first time they played as a power trio in 31 years. The band stuck to the classics, “When the Lights Go Down,” “Lay It on the Line” and “Magic Power.”

The filming took place in drummer Moore’s Metalworks studio complex; the results will be seen in the Banger Films production “Triumph: Lay It on the Line,” set for release next year.

Moore released a statement when the film was first announced, “Mike, Rik and I are thrilled to revisit Triumph’s history and especially to express our gratitude to our amazing fans.” He added, “this documentary is our way of reaching out to all those people who have touched us along the journey to say thanks.”

Moore noted that even though Triumph has received offers to reunite, he wasn’t sure it would ever happen because of his commitments to Metalworks. He explained, “I love Triumph, but I’ve got so much happening with the studio. I wish I could get 36 hours in a day instead of 24 and keep my drum chops up and do that kind of thing.”

The last official Triumph reunion took place at the Sweden Rock Festival in 2008. Moore and Levine appeared as special guests on Emmett’s 2016 album ‘RES 9.’


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