The picture is becoming clearer: new GnR album

In answer to the “are they” or “aren’t they” question, the answer seems to be, “probably.” All signs point to Guns N’ Roses indeed planning a new album. The latest tease comes from Slash himself who said the band is working on new material.

Slash’s interview was with TVK’s Rock City. He said, “Axl, Duff, myself and Richard [Fortus] have all talked about…there’s material and stuff going on for a new record.

Fans know the band’s history when it comes to releasing music, so before anyone gets too excited, Slash said that there’s no timetable for any new release. He said, “It’s just, with Guns N’ Roses, you don’t go, ‘Oh, there is a plan, and it’s gonna be like this,’ because that’s not how it works.” Wanting to keep things positive, he added, “Basically, the only real answer to give is we’re hoping to put a new record out, and we’ll just see what happens when it happens.”

Since the band reunited for the ‘Not In this Lifetime’ tour, know, there have been rumors circulating about a new Guns N’ Roses album. A few months ago, guitarist Fortus announced that a new release is coming “faster than you think,” indicating that the band would “get some more recording done and hopefully get an album out soon.” This seems to coincide with Slash’s new statements.

With a band that has explosive personalities, as Guns has, it’s all about keeping the relationships intact. On this matter, Slash said, “It’s very tight, very family-esque. It’s really back to where everybody is really, really happy and comfortable. There was a lot of bad influences going on back in the day that affected a lot of different things, and that’s all been sort of cleared away so now we’re back to normal.”

The last Guns N’ Roses to feature Slash, Duff McKagan and Axl Rose was 1993’s ‘The Spaghetti Incident?’


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