The Message is in the music in 2020 and Bon Jovi

If you’re expecting “Living On A Prayer” or something of its ilk on the next album by Bon Jovi, don’t hold your breath.

Jon Bon Jovi, in a Q&A session during the Runaway to Paradise concert cruise in the Mediterranean, said that his band’s upcoming Bon Jovi 2020 studio project will have a decidedly political bent – this after an album that was his most personal album.

2016’s ‘This House Is Not for Sale’ included songs that centered on split with longtime guitarist Richie Sambora. The album marked the first songs focused on the emotions surrounding those events. Bon Jovi spoke about this and what the new album holds in store: “’This House Is Not for Sale’ dealt with a lot of personal matters, and now it’s behind us. So, 2020 – of course, it’s an election year, but more importantly, it’s that I have a clear vision going forward.”

He continued, “The meaning behind it, I’ve written a bunch of songs that are very different, so don’t expect ‘[You Give Love a] Bad Name.’ This is a socially conscious record. There’s a song about veterans with PTSD; there’s a song about the shootings in Ohio and Texas. They’re songs about heavy matters – heavy subject matter.”

While some fans might be surprised at the direction that Bon Jovi is taking, the vocalist said, that he’s “very happy with it,” and admitted that it’s a “different record” than what fans have heard from the band in the past.

Sambora left the band in 2013 and was replaced by Theofilos “Phil X” Xenidis. Phil X made his first official appearance on ‘This House Is Not for Sale’ – as did Hugh McDonald, who had been working as a touring and sessions bassist since the ‘90s.

The “Runaway to Paradise” cruise continues through the weekend.


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