Tate commemorates 30th anniversary of Empire

Next year, 2020, will mark the 30th-anniversary of QUEENSRŸCHE’s landmark album ‘Empire.’ To mark the occasion, the band’s former lead singer, Geoff Tate, has confirmed that he will embark on a special tour.

Empire’ was released in 1990. It reached number 7 on the Billboard charts, propelled by the hit single, “Silent Lucidity,” which reached Number 9 on the Billboard singles charts. The album also earned two, Grammy Award nominations.

In a new interview with MisplacedStraws.com, Tate said: “I’m planning on touring in 2020, sort of doing kind of what I did with the ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ 30th-year anniversaries, playing the album in its entirety, which I’ve never done before.” Tate added that there will be some surprises: “There are some songs  on that album that I’ve never played live before, so it’ll be a treat — for me, as well, I think, for the audience too.”

Tate elaborated more on song selection, speaking specifically about one song from ‘Empire’ that was rarely performed live: “When QUEENSRŸCHE was together, we never really put “Anybody Listening?” in our set. We just had a hard time playing it. It just never jelled or felt right. And I’d really like to play that song again and play it right.”

The new tour has also heightened Tate’s interest in releasing new music. On this subject, he said, “I have a whole bunch of music that’s in various states of completion that I’m planning on finishing up and completing over the summer.”

The celebration for ‘Empire’ is not new. Going back to last November, Tate said, “There’s a box set thing coming out. I’m kind of in the process of working with QUEENSRŸCHE on it right now. I can say from my perspective looking it, it’s going to be a phenomenal box set.”

QUEENSRŸCHE’s history has been filled with unrest. In April 2014, Tate and the band announced that a settlement had been reached after a nearly two-year legal battle where the singer sued over the rights to the QUEENSRŸCHE name after being fired in 2012. Original QUEENSRŸCHE members Michael Wilton (guitar), Scott Rockenfield (drums) and Eddie Jackson (bass) responded with a countersuit. The settlement included an agreement that Wilton, Rockenfield, and Jackson would continue as QUEENSRŸCHE, while Tate would have the sole right to perform the albums ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ and ‘Operation: Mindcrime II’ in their entirety live.

Tate was replaced by former Crimson Glory singer Todd La Torre. Tate’s post-QUEENSRŸCHE band Operation: Mindcrime released three albums as part of a trilogy: ‘The Key’ (September 2015), ‘Resurrection’ (September 2016) and ‘The New Reality’ (December 2017).

Source: www.blabbermouth.net

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