Stones Ready To Take A Chance Again

It’s been 54 years since their debut album, and 12 years since their last studio album. Not too many acts have had a lifespan like the Rolling Stones, and now guitarist Keith Richards says that a new album for the legendary rock band isn’t out of the question.

Over the past two years, the Stones have spent about three weeks in a studio laying down tracks, and while Richards says the new music isn’t close, he promised it’s on the way. Richards offered his comments to The Wall Street Journal, saying, “We have some stuff down, which is very interesting.” He acknowledged that since the members don’t reside close to each other, writing poses a problem. “It’s more difficult for us to write together the further apart we are,” he said, “but it also has its benefits in that we come back to it from a different angle.”

Richards also admitted that writing with and for Mick Jagger, is also a challenge. “We feed off a fire between us. “There’s no point in my giving him a song that’s beyond his range. What I really like to do is write a song where Mick goes, ‘Yeah, right, I’m in!’ That’s what I try and do, because I’m writing for the lead singer of the Rolling f***** Stones, and that is my job — to give him a riff that he leaps on and goes, ‘Right, I know what to do with this.’”

Jagger also confirmed recently that the Stones had “half an album” of material recorded, while guitarist Ron Wood noted the process is “like putting it on top of the strainer and seeing what soaks through by the time you come back to them again. It wouldn’t surprise me if we re-cut them all again. It’s just one of those things.”

Producer Don Was who has worked with the Stones on their last few efforts, talked about the magic that happens when the band gets together, “The songwriting that Keith and Mick did [recently] was really something to behold,” Was said, “The three of us sat in a room, with them facing each other, five feet apart, with guitars, and there’s something magical that happens that’s still as fresh as when they started.”

While fans wait for more news about when they can expect new music, the Stones recently announced another run of tour dates that begin in May.


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