Stairway To Heaven is a money maker

It should come as no surprise that the Led Zep song that has made them the most money in the digital age is, “Stairway to Heaven.” The song has regularly topped classic-rock radio countdowns of the greatest songs ever made, so the fact that it is also been a money-maker, is not that shocking.

Billboard’s new ranking based on revenue generated from consumer requests estimates that the tune from Zep’s album ‘Led Zeppelin IV,’ has earned the band close to $3 million over the past 11 years.

Billboard took data from Nielsen Media that computes online sales and on-demand streams of 94 Led Zeppelin songs from November 2007, when their catalog first became available on iTunes, through July 12, 2018, with streaming starting in December 2015. They applied per-song rates based on whether it was purchased or streamed (in both audio and video formats) and tabulated the results.

The study measures the popularity of each individual song with fans, therefore, programmed streams, radio play, full-album sales and physical sales weren’t included. Instead, it included only those moments when a customer decided which song they wanted to play.

Top 10 Led Zeppelin Song’s Ranked by Fan-Chosen Online Revenue
1. “Stairway to Heaven” ($2,903,223.42)
2. “Kashmir” ($1,421,130.32)
3. “Immigrant Song” ($1,306,140.94)
4. “Black Dog” ($1,167,232.19)
5. “Whole Lotta Love” ($1,034,129.29)
6. “Ramble On” ($888,793.61)
7. “Over the Hills and Far Away” ($757,125.57)
8. “Goin’ to California” ($694,689.56)
9. “Rock n’ Roll” ($636,985.97)
10. “D’yer Mak’er” ($553,459.73)


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