Michael Dean

Co-Owner – General Manager – Host The Rock Show M-F 6a-9a

Michael is a veteran broadcaster and entrepreneur. He has a long and varied background in media, beginning with a recording studio in the 90’s, then transitioning into mainstream broadcasting. He started at the bottom of the ladder as a swing-shift traffic reporter and worked his way up to hosting his own talk show on Montreal’s AM 940 Montreal.

Michael is the driving force behind Mountain City Rock. Yes, we have him to thank! Michael wears many hats at the station, so many, there are times he doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.

Founder, Co-Owner, Program Director, Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Writer, Producer, Technical Director – the list goes on. Aside from being “The Voice” of MCR he is the heart and soul of the station.

With a passion for radio and a love of rock n roll, his vision is a station that truly lives up to the moniker “The Home” of rock in Montreal.