S&M2 with Metallica

Metallica have announced the release of a live record featuring the two S&M2 dates they performed last year with the San Francisco Symphony. The original S&M release (S&M is an abbreviation for ‘Symphony and Metallica) was recorded with The San Francisco Symphony conducted by Michael Kamen, on April 21–22, 1999 at The Berkeley Community Theatre.

This latest release, ‘Metallica and San Francisco Symphony: S&M2’ due to arrive on August 28, will be available in many formats, including two-CD or DVD and digital film configurations. Also planned is a Deluxe Box which will include vinyl, CD and Blu-ray, plus sheet music, guitar picks and artwork. For the fan that has to everything and cost is not an issue, there will be a limited-edition Super Deluxe Box adds the actual sheet music used by the orchestra and signed by the four members of Metallica.

A trailer for the release can be seen below, and pre-ordering of the album is available via the band’s website.

The shows, the first events held at San Francisco’s new Chase Center, were presented via a concert film which was screened in theaters a month after the September 2019 shows. ‘Metallica and San Francisco Symphony: S&M2’‘s video includes an all-new edit.

Each night of the show, the opening featured the symphony performing Metallica’s traditional walk-on music, Ennio Morricone’s “The Ecstasy of Gold,” before moving on to a collection of songs from Metallica’s catalog. After intermission, the orchestra was again alone on the stage, performing Prokofiev’s “Scythian Suite, Op.20, Second Movement,” which was followed by a performance of Alexander Mosolov’s “The Iron Foundry” with Metallica.

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