Sarajevo as seen through Dickinson’s eyes

A documentary telling the story of a 1994 concert given by Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson while the Bosnian War was raging and Sarajevo itself was under siege, will be released beginning May 10 in select theaters across the U.S. and Canada.

Eagle Rock Entertainment will be the distributor of the documentary titled, “Scream For Me Sarajevo.” A trailer for the film can be seen below.

The history of Dickinson’s involvement goes back to when Dickinson and his then-solo band drove through the frontlines and ultimately played a show for the people trapped in the city. The guts of “Scream For Me Sarajevo” focuses on what this gig meant to the people and how it changed Dickinson and his band.

In his autobiography, “What Does This Button Do?,” Dickinson said about the experience, “We weren’t protected, there was no plan and the bullets were real, but we went anyway.” He added, “The gig was immense, intense and probably the biggest show in the world at that moment for the audience and for us. That the world didn’t really know didn’t matter. It changed the way I viewed life, death and other human beings.”

In addition to the feature film, a specially recorded interview with Dickinson will be included as exclusive theatrical-only content in participating theaters.

“Scream For Me Sarajevo” will be screened in select U.K. cinemas from April 17. A special London screening will take place at Vue Cinema West End on April 11.


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