Robinson brothers hinting on Crowes reunion

Looks like the Robinson brothers, Chris and Rich, may be brewing a reunion with their iconic band, The Black Crowes. The teasing has begun on their much-rumored 2020 comeback tour.

Using social media, last week, a Black Crowes cartoon appeared on the band’s pages, and the same image has begun to show up on billboards in the U.S. Newspapers in Milwaukee and New Jersey have reported about the image.

For the most part, The Black Crowes have been inactive since they played their final show in December 2013. Their former manager, Pete Angelus, recently told The Wall Street Journal that he is “aware of the deal” that the Robinson brothers “made with Live Nation for a 2020 tour.”

Also adding fuel to the rumour fires is drummer Steve Gorman who said that Chris and Rich Robinson are definitely making plans to reactivate the band for a comeback tour in 2020. In an interview with West Babylon, New York radio station WBAB, he said, “I know that they are, well let me say that I’ve been told by people involved that it’s happening.” While Gorman admitted that he has not spoken with either of the brothers, he said that he has it on a “very reputable authority,” adding, “I’ve been told is that it’s happening.”

Gorman played with the Crowes for 27 years, but thus far he has not yet been approached to participate in any tour: “It’s a complete hypothetical. So, I could play the game of, ‘What if they call?’ It’s not going to happen.”

Last year, Chris Robinson put together a band called As The Crow Flies to perform primarily Black Crowes songs., Rich was most recently involved with The Magpie Salute, in which he was joined by former Crowes, Marc Ford, bassist Sven Pipien


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