RATT promise suprises

When hard rockers RATT return to the road next month, lead vocalist Stephen Pearcy says that fans can expect to see some fresh additions to the group’s concert setlist.

“We’re gonna change it up a bit, ‘cos we have so many cool songs that we wanna put in the set this year,” Pearcy said during an appearance on KCAA‘s “Controlled Chaos.” He continued, “You know, things like “‘I Want A Woman,’ ‘Sweet Cheater’ — everything from ’83 to the full catalog, we want to shake it up a bit.”

Pearcy said that he went to social media to get fans’ opinions: “I put a little thing out there [on social media]: ‘What do you wanna hear?’ You’d be surprised how many people wanna hear a song like ‘Givin’ Yourself Away’ or something else.” This being the case, Pearcy said that fans should be ready to hear slightly different versions of the band’s classic songs: “I’m from old school, so I like to change it up a bit. So if I don’t sing the exact words, people, don’t get uptight. It’s me just having a good time. Because, as a singer, I try to hit different notes and different things. We wanna change it up.”

RATT‘s current lineup includes original bassist Juan Croucier, drummer Pete Holmes (Black ‘n Blue) and guitarists Jordan Ziff (Razer) and Chris Sanders (Britny Fox, Knight Fury). The band’s next live appearance is scheduled for May 4 at the Domination festival in Mexico.

Source: www.blabbermouth.net

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