Pointe Claire’s Pioneer Club faces wrecking ball

It was built as a hotel in the 1880’s, transformed into a bar around 1900, and eventually when it became the Pioneer Club in the late 1970s, it became a popular location for social gatherings and live music. Now if a developer gets his way, the Pointe Claire Village mainstay will turn into condos.

The proposed condo project is being put forward by Koebra Developments. Deakin Realty told CJAD 800 News it’s “involved in the sales for the eventual project at this site” but “had no involvement in the sale/purchase of the Pioneer property.”

Deakin said that there would be 15 residential condos with underground parking for residents and guests. They also said the ground floor would be for commercial development such as boutiques and shops. Deakin’s comments were posted on Facebook in response to some criticism from people who said that condo development would take away from the charm of the village. The realtor posted “the building was designed to support the city’s revitalization plan and will be built to the highest quality construction standards.”

Also located in the village is Westmount Florist. It’s co-owner Peter Pickrell, is among those not opposed to the project. Pickrell said, “Having a new building in the village, having new residents, will be good for all businesses. It’s going to bring more business down to the village, hopefully, that’s what we’re all hoping.”

At the same time, Pickrell realizes what the change could mean, “We’d be losing another place, an eatery, a place where people can socialize – young people, old people, where you get a good mix of people for the village,” said Pickrell.

One of those who is opposed to the project is, Tim Thomas, owner of Antiquités du Village. “The condo shopper will go to Walmart or Fairview. The condo shopper will not revitalize our village,” said Thomas. Several visitors tended to agree, saying such new-fashioned luxury condos would be out of place next to quaint and historic buildings in a small village-like area and also possibly drive up rents.

The proposed project still has to be approved and the property transaction has to be finalized, so neither the mayor, the developer nor the owner of The Pioneer are commenting yet.

Source: www.cjadnews.com

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