Ozzy and Zakk come through

If you’re wondering who’s got your back, rest assured that you’ve always got a friend in Ozzy Osbourne and his guitarist Zakk Wylde. In what can only be described as an artist looking out for their fans,  The Pulse Of Radio reports that Ozzy and Zakk came through for a Canadian pizza-delivery man whose CD collection was stolen out of his car while he was making a delivery.

According to CBC News, Josh Cook of St. John’s, NB was inside an apartment complex delivering pizza when he heard his engine rev. He ran outside only to see his car being stolen, with his large collection of hard rock and metal CD’s inside.

The car was later returned to the same location, however, it was irreparably damaged and more importantly to Cook, his entire collection was missing – except one disc by Wylde’s band Black Label Society. One thing led to another, Wylde’s son got word of what happened, and a few days later, a boxful of Black Label Society swag arrived on Cook’s doorstep. A few days later, this was followed by a box containing Ozzy Osbourne T-shirts, a signed photo and a complete discography of Ozzy’s work, including all his solo CDs and his catalog with Black Sabbath. Of course Cook was shocked by what he received: “These guys, they don’t know who I am, but they set me up with all this stuff. It’s amazing.”

Neither Wylde nor Osbourne have issued any comments on the matter.

Osbourne reunited with Wylde for the first time in more than a decade last year, for some 2017 shows. His upcoming ‘No More Tours 2’ trek, which is expected to last through 2020, kicks off this spring with dates in Mexico, South America and Europe, coming to North America in August. Osbourne has insisted that he is not retiring from music at the end of the tour, but is instead saying goodbye to long global treks in favor of select shows. At a press conference last month, he also said that he has “eight or nine” song ideas for a new album, which he may work on once the tour is completed.

Source: www.blabbermouth.net

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