Nita Strauss plotting new release

In between spending her time working as the chief guitarist in the Alice Cooper band and the fact that she is on call for many other musical assignments, somewhere along the way, Nita Strauss is still finding the time to work on new music and her second solo album. In a recent interview, the guitarist said that work on the album, the follow-up to her first solo album, 2018’s ‘Controlled Chaos,’ is “very well on the way.

The info about the new album came during an interview last month in Australia while Strauss was on tour with Cooper. She said, “Things are going well, and album two is very well on the way.”

Helping with the recording process, Strauss has been traveling with a professional desktop recording interface that has given her the ability to put down her musical ideas quickly. She spoke about this set-up: “It’s in my hotel room, and just about every single day off, I’m recording stuff, getting ideas down.” Regarding the timing of the final recording, she said, “I’m planning to get a big bulk of the writing for the album done soon, and then once the Alice tour is done, finish things up in the summer.” While no firm date has been announced, Strauss is looking at a late 2020 release.

The 11-track ‘Controlled Chaos’ was an album of instrumentals – something Strauss had no qualms about doing since she grew playing music as a soloist. She explained the resistance that she got from others:At the time, everyone, including people in the industry, said that I had to put out some tracks with vocals. But we stuck to our guns and put out the album.” Strauss’s belief in the album was rewarded when ‘Controlled Chaos’ reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums chart and No. 6 on the Hard Rock Albums chart.

As far as the new album is concerned and the musical direction it might take, Strauss has not indicated whether it will also go the instrumental route.

Strauss has been playing with Alice Cooper since 2014 when she replaced Orianthi. She joined Cooper in time for a tour with MÖTLEY CRÜE tour.


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