Night Ranger plots new album

Night Ranger isn’t letting anything slow them down: they continue to stay active with new music, and have started the songwriting and recording process for a new album due in 2021, the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Don’t Let Up.’

The band’s three original members, Jack Blades (lead vocals/bass), Kelly Keagy (lead vocals/drums), and Brad Gillis (lead and rhythm guitars) have been meeting to put together song ideas, and word is that the recording has now begun with the other members, Eric Levy (keyboards) and Keri Kelli (lead and rhythm guitars) participating in the process.

Expectations are that the recording will continue through to the end of the year, with the new music to be delivered to the band’s record company, Frontiers, in the first few months of 2021. The current plan is for a summer release, and then followed by a return to live performances.

Night Ranger issued the following statement via social media:What this world needs now is to come together through music and we’re on it! We are excited to create a new studio album with our great partners at Frontiers Music. Our biggest problem is that we have so many songs, we’re trying to figure out which ones to leave off! Rock and Roll baby.”

The band has a track record of radio, commercial and stage success that includes over 17 million albums sold worldwide, a string of instantly-recognizable hit singles and signature album tracks such as “Sister Christian,” “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me,” “When You Close Your Eyes,” and over 3,000 live shows.


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