New music from Ozzy

His lengthy touring days might be done, but it appears Ozzy Osbourne is not ready for the retirement home quite yet. According to Rolling Stone, Osbourne has “recorded about nine song ideas” which might lead to a new release.

Though there isn’t any solid information about the tracks, one can make some assumptions when learning that one of the tracks had the involvement of Steve Stevens. Stevens is best known for his work with Billy Idol. During a recent appearance on Talking Metal, the guitarist spoke about his sessions in the studio with Osbourne: “I set up my microphone, and you hear that voice and you get chills,” Stevens said, “I think there’s one song which kind of rose to the top, and I hope that it sees the light of day.”

Osbourne has hinted for a while that he would keep working on new material. Last year in an interview with the Boston Herald, he said, “I have a bunch of songs written and have plenty of ideas and really want to do a new album. But as to when and how it will come together, I do not really know.”

In recent years Osbourne has had several health issues ranging from a serious case of the flu to a staph infection in his hand. Last fall, he suffered a fall at his home that dislodged metal rods that had been inserted into his body after a previous accident. The injury required surgery and led to the postponement of all the singer’s 2019 concerts.

Osbourne has been busy in and out of the studio: His last solo release was 2010’s ‘Scream.’ In 2013 he contributed to Black Sabbath’s LP, ‘13.’ He has also been on extensive tours with the band while also performing his solo shows.

When the latest incarnation of his ‘No More Tours 2’ farewell trek was announced, Osbourne made it clear he was not retiring, indicating that one-off performances would still be in the cards, as well as new music.


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