New album coming from Deep Purple

Everyone’s been waiting for the word if Deep Purple will be the next band to say they’re done. Apparently that day is not quite here, even though they’re currently on a tour that is named, “The Long Goodbye.” The band has announced that they’ve completed a new album, their first since 2017’s ‘inFinite,’ and it is produced by Bob Ezrin.

Singer Ian Gillan took to Facebook to make the news known, in a joking way: “Each member arrived at a rehearsal studio and then a recording studio at roughly the same time on roughly the same day with roughly no idea of what we were doing. Tuesday, we made another album, and Wednesday we went to the pub.”

In the same humorous way, Gillan went on to say that the band was likely to tour, “I sense the grinding of campaign wheels, the oiling of creaky roadies, rumors of itineraries and ripples of creativity in Hamburg,” Gillan said that full details about the band’s activities will be forthcoming, likely in the spring of 2020.

Deep Purple’s “Long Goodbye” tour has been in going since 2017, but is it really a farewell? Last year Gillan offered this explanation about the open-endedness, “A couple of years ago, everyone in the band was unwell, we all had health problems, and I think somebody from the office – said, ‘Do you guys wanna call it a day? Getting a decision from Deep Purple is always very tricky. So I guess there were a few nods and ‘hmmmm,’ ‘well,’ ‘yeah,’ ‘maybe,’ ‘I don’t know … .’ So we [said], ‘Let’s call it ‘The Long Goodbye,” and that way we can make our decision later.”

A new album certainly points to continued activity from the band and gives every indication that a ‘goodbye’ is not in the plans quite yet.


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