Mustaine adding vocals to new Megadeth

The current pandemic situation isn’t slowing down Megadeth’s main man, Dave Mustaine: Mustaine spent at part of Wednesday (May 6) recording vocals for the band’s 16th studio album.

A photo from these sessions shows that Mustaine set up a makeshift vocal booth in his home studio. He took to social media with the photo along with the message, “Laying down some vocals today! #Megadeth16

It was late last year when Mustaine started doing interviews about the new music, saying that the songs were “heavy as hell.” He even offered up some working titles: “Rattlehead Part Two” and “The Dogs Of Chernobyl.”

A few months ago, Mustaine spoke again about the songs and specifically the titles: “Whenever I make a record, the names of the songs change so many times. I think we’ve got 14 songs for this album and another folder with six. The songs are constantly evolving and as they do, we change the title to be more reflective of what makes the song distinct.”

According to bassist David Ellefson, the new songs take the Megadeth sound to the next level without compromising the group’s core approach: “This is the next level, beyond ‘Dystopia’. This is absolutely perfect. We stepped back a little bit and listened to it again, we were just, like, ‘Wow!’ I think we went past where we thought we were on this and I think we’re now into a new era of this new record.”

The new album, whenever it is released, will be the band’s first to feature drummer Dirk Verbeuren (ex-Soilwork), who joined almost four years ago. Guitarist Kiko Loureiro made his recording debut with the band on ‘Dystopia.’

Megadeth and Lamb Of God are scheduled to embark on a 55-date tour this summer.


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