Maria Brink Contemplating Solo Project

Fans of In This Moment have probably noticed the band’s change in musical direction from album to album. Beginning with harder metal sound at the start of their career, they’ve moved to a less intense sound, one that is more akin to alternative rock. It should therefore come as little surprise to hear that lead singer Maria Brink is contemplating a solo album in 2018, with music that is even farther away from what fans have learned to expect from the band.

During a recent chat with Metal Hammer, Brink said, “I’m thinking of doing a solo album that will be more obscure, a more intimate, quiet side of me.” Brink gave no details as to a when the project might happen. “I’m not exactly sure when I’m gonna do it, but I’ve started to write a bit.”

When asked to elaborate on the instrumentation, she replied, “The only drums on it would be tribal drums and probably no distorted guitars. Just a much softer side of me. That’s who I am.” Brink added that even the stage theatrics would be scaled down, “It would be just me and a piano and one dress and candles all over the whole stage.”

Brink hopes to take her solo act on the road without the security of her regular band. “It doesn’t frighten me to do it that way. I love change, adventure and new beginnings. When I play piano by myself and sing, I connect to something that I love. My favorite moment in our In This Moment set is when I go out by myself to play a song on the piano.”

While plans for the solo project are still tentative, there’s still plenty of In This Moment activity with dates in North America over the first five months of 2018, and a handful of Euro festivals also planned in June. Their tour dates can be found here. The group also released their video for “Roots” earlier this fall, a track that has been climbing the charts on rock radio.

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