Lynch/Pilson/Brown/Mason form The End

And in the beginning, there was The End. The new band featuring members of Dokken and Warrant, has been christened The End.

Guitarist George Lynch spoke with Idaho’s 94.9 & 104.5 The Rock radio station about the endeavour, revealing the band’s name, and that he will be joined in The End by Dokken bandmates Jeff Pilson (bass) and Mick Brown (drums), along with Warrant vocalist, Robert Mason. Lynch said: “I do a lot of records where they’re just sort of seat-of-the-pants, which is nothing wrong with that, like KXM and Ultraphonix, records which are written real quick, where we just go with our first instincts, and we don’t really labor over it. The End record is really the opposite of that.”

Lynch spoke further about the process creating songs with The End, and how he and Jeff Pilson took a familiar route, “Similarly to what we did in Dokken, Jeff and I spent a lot of time crafting the songs,” he continued. “The music has the usual heavy rock, melodic rock thing, but it’s also got that ’70s, ELO, Elton John vibe happening, which is just really interesting.” For some listeners, this might seem like an odd musical direction, but Lynch responded, “There are intelligent, classic changes in the songs, so it’s a very satisfying record to listen to. I think people will really dig it.”

Does it have the Dokken influence, Lynch said, “It doesn’t sound like Dokken or Lynch/Pilson or Lynch Mob. Of course it has elements of all that, obviously, but most of all I think it’s a natural evolution of the Lynch/Pilson. It’s me and Jeff sitting at his studio working it out, so what you’re going to get is really that, with Robert Mason on top of it.

Speaking about Mason, Lynch said, “Robert’s been doing Lynch Mob shows this year with us, but I’d forgotten how powerful he is. Unbelievable singer.

Earlier this year, Mason said that working with Lynch, Pilson and Brown has “given all of us a renewed sense of what it was like to be creating together and maybe even playing together. Jeff also produced ‘Louder Harder Faster‘, the new Warrant record. We didn’t really know each other until that project, and we got on so well in the studio. So for those three guys to call me up and say, ‘Hey, man, we wanna do this record, and it’ll have the DNA of our bands, and it’ll be us, but we want it to sound a little different. What do you think?’ I was all over it.”

In a recent conversation, Pilson also spoke enthusiastically about the collaboration, saying he was “thrilled beyond belief” with The End ‘s disc. “I’m really proud of this record, the songs and the playing and Robert’s singing, and George is playing at his peak. It’s just a phenomenal record, and I can’t wait till it comes out.”

Mason also offered an opinion about the musical structure of the songs, and whether it had the touches of the associated acts: “Does it sound like Dokken with me singing lead, I don’t think so. And it’s no disrespect, because I love what they did, but that wasn’t something that I wanted to do.” Mason continued, “The cool thing is it sounds like us, but it doesn’t sound like us. I think, the DNA is there and you hear the influences and you hear who it is and what it is, but we’re just making music, being creative with each other again. And I pray that that translates into the final product and that people will just embrace that.”

The debut album by The End is tentatively scheduled for release in February 2019.


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