Joe Elliott’s Voice Getting Better with Age

Rock and roll is a vicious game, and for lead vocalists of hard rock bands who tend to sing at decibel-breaking levels, it can be a damaging game to the vocal chords. Recently Def Leppard vocalist Joe Elliott spoke with New Bern, NC radio station 106.5 WSFL about how he’s handled the difficulties that can come with singing.

Elliott said that over the years, his vocal range has actually improved. “My talking voice is very deep, so people are amazed at how high I can sing. I’ve been doing a lot of singing which is more like a normal talking kind of register — things like “Pour Some Sugar On Me” or even the track “Hysteria,” they’re pretty much down-key.” Elliott added, “It’s enabled me to rest my high end, which through rest, has improved. Then I can sing in the higher register a lot better, because I’m not doing every song up there.”

He explained how his voice has changed to the point that his range is better, “My voice has dropped in one sense, but I can actually sing higher now, because I’m not hammering it to death all the time. Consequently, my vocal range has improved by actually just going down in register, which is amazing, really. I think that just comes through age and experience and maturity, I suppose.”

The Def Leppard / Journey U.S. tour will hit 58 cities. Half the shows being closed by Journey, and half by Def Leppard. The tour kicks off May 21 in Hartford, CT.


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