Iommi: Never say “Never” to Black Sabbath

In the ‘never say never’ category, even though Black Sabbath‘s touring career came to an end on Feb. 4, 2017 with the last date of “The End” tour in their native Birmingham, U.K, guitarist Tony Iommi offered the possibility that the band could still do a show here and there.

Iommi spoke at a charity fundraiser in Birmingham. When asked if Black Sabbath would ever perform together again, Iommi offered, “It’s highly unlikely. You can never say never, because we’ve said it before and we’ve done it (toured) before. I would hope we could do some one-offs, but we’ll never tour the world again as we did, because it is really exhausting.”

The guitarist acknowledged that the life of a successful musician can be great, but it comes with hardships. “It is a great life, but it has its toll on your body. All the traveling at different hours of the day and night, that’s the difficult part. Even though you travel the best way you can, it’s still tiring.”

Sabbath lead singer Ozzy Osbourne also recently announced his “No More Tours 2” would be a farewell. While he doesn’t plan to retire, he is scaling back the tours and shows he does in the future. Iommi commented on this, “Ozzy’s going on, which is great. And who knows, maybe one day we may reunite, but not another two-year tour.”

Iommi’s appearance in Birmingham, a charity lunch / Q&A, was part of a fundraiser with the goal of raising money for the Charity for Heartlands Ward 19 and the Solihull Cancer Centre.


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