Hellyeah mulling the future

The future of Hellyeah is still in limbo. With the passing of drummer Vinnie Paul last year, there has been no announcement as to what the band has in store.

At the very minimum, Hellyeah felt the need to complete the album they were working on, ‘Welcome Home,’ at the time of Paul’s death. Guitarist Christian Brady spoke with Metal Injection recently. He says that the band is still exploring options with no decision imminent. “Everything feels really good right now to be playing together again. We’re excited to be supporting the new record and honoring our brother.” Elaborating further on the future, he said, “I think that’s something that we’re gonna have to try to feel out as we go along and see where we’re at when we’re done with this record cycle and see what everybody is feeling.”

Brady did add that his desire was to keep going: “There’s a lot of emotions, but personally I would love to be able to continue on because I couldn’t imagine not playing with these guys and making the music we make.”

Brady spoke about what Paul meant to the band,Vinnie was such a big part. So I think honestly that’s something we’re kind of taking day by day right now. We’re doing this tour and we’re going to support this record and celebrate Vinnie and his legacy.”

Without a doubt, Paul’s presence in the band was something no one took lightly. Brady said, “He was such a lifeline to this band, such a big presence, and part of this band. He lived and breathed this band. He’s missed very much every day.”

Part of keeping Paul’s memory intact was ensuring the completion of the new album. Brady explained, “It would have been a different story if his drum parts weren’t finished or if we were just getting started. But this wasn’t the case. All the arrangements were already there. So we got one more record to be able to give to the fans that Vinnie was a part of.”

For the band’s upcoming tour, they’ve recruited Stone Sour’s Roy Mayorga to fill in on drums, but there has been no announcement on any long term decisions.

Welcome Home’ will be released on September 27. New dates promoting the album start Sept. 6 in Jacksonville, N.C.

Source: www.loudwire.net

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