Hell no – replacement for Abbott

Vinnie Paul Abbott passed away a couple of weeks ago, and now rumours have begun that his former band, Hellyeah, have found a replacement.

The rumours which the surviving members of Hellyeah have dismissed, circulated that they had recruited Daniel Davison as the replacement for their late drummer. The false story began with someone editing the and’s Wikipedia page to include that Davidson, formerly of Every Time I Die and Norma Jean, had joined Hellyeah. Chad Gray of Hellyeah responded on Twitter: “ABSOLUTE FAKE NEWS.” They attached a screenshot of the Wikipedia entry, circling Davison’s name and writing “WTF?”

It was only a few weeks ago that Gray released a statement as follows, talking about how Paul’s death had affected him: “dealing with Vinnie’s death has been one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to face in my life. I’m so confused, sad and as helpless as I’ve ever been,” he said. “I’m at a loss and completely devastated. But I’m trying. It’s the equivalent of an emotional riot in my head and in my heart as I write this. But I’m trying to focus on anything good. I know Vinnie would want that. And the good things are my memories of him. His smile, his infectious laugh and his personality that beamed light.”

Gray added, “Thank you, Vinnie Paul! For saving my life, for your music, for your endless generosity, for accepting me into your life, for creating our music that touched people, and for always treating me like a brother and more importantly for treating me like a friend… I will always love you and go to the end of the earth to carry the torch for you and Dime’s legacy.”

Source: www.blabbermouth.net

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