Greta releases new video

The full onslaught of Greta Van Fleet is not far away. As the music world patiently waits for the band’s first full-length album, and with the new single, When The Curtain Falls, already Top 10 at rock radio with nearly eight million streams to its credit, the band now presents the companion music video.

Filmed in Southern California, the video, which can be seen below, shows the band performing in around some mystical symbolism and otherworldly psychedelia.

The band’s full-length debut is tentatively due before the end of the year. Speaking about the new music, guitarist Jake Kiszka said, “It’s different from the previous EP’s we released in the sense that a full album is a complete thought. We had these two weeks where all of this material started to kind of come to us,” he continued. “About 50 percent of the album was material that was spontaneously written within the actual recording process of the album.” 

While the album will be new, similarly to the previous EP’s, ‘Black Smoke Rising’ and ‘From The Fires,’ Kiszka said the collection of material spans about three years. He said, “We said, ok, this song kind of fits here, and that leads to this,’ and that helped us navigate what we wanted to put on the album.”


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