Frehley reunites with KISS

In what certainly appears to be a harbinger of what might be up the road, original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley rejoined his former bandmates on Wednesday during this year’s “Kiss Kruise.” Frehley performed an acoustic set, also accompanied by former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick.

Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer are currently playing multiple shows on their sea cruise, which embarked yesterday from Miami and will visit Key West, Florida, and Nassau in the Bahamas before returning to port on November 5.

The even seemed to be perfectly choreographed, so maybe it was planned all along, but Frehley and his solo band is one of the artists performing on the cruise. Kulick, ironically, is also one of the cruise’s scheduled performers.

During his set with KISS Frehley played four songs: “2000 Man” (The Rolling Stones cover, which featured Frehley on lead vocals on KISS‘s 1979 album Dynasty’), “New York Groove” (from Frehley’s 1978 debut solo album), “Nothing’ To Lose” and “Rock And Roll All Nite.”

The audience obviously suspected something was in the air. In his intro, Stanley said, “Life is full of coincidences. Here we are, on a ship… Bruce Kulick just happens to be on this ship. And someone just said, ‘You know who else is on this ship?’ Ace Frehley! So, let’s bring him up too.”

The reunion also seemed to hit the right emotion for Frehley. Right before “Nothin’ To Lose,” he told the crowd, “This is great. Thank you guys for inviting me up.” Stanley then added, “Ace, hold on a second. All this couldn’t have happened if we hadn’t happened. We started this. So thank you for being here.”

Earlier in the evening, Kulick joined his former bandmates for performances of the Revenge’ track “Domino” and “Hide Your Heart.” The entire performance of KISS with Kulick and Frehley can be seen below.

Last month, Frehley told ABC Radio that the cruise could possibly feature reunion performances with KISS. “Anything can happen on this cruise, and I think the fans are expecting something special,” he said. Also to set the record straight about his exit from the band, Frehley said, “They never wanted me to leave, and I quit the band twice. If you look at old interviews, sometimes they would lump me in with Peter and say, ‘Yeah, we fired Peter and Ace.’ They never fired me — I always quit. I want to make that clear.”

It appears the waters have parted, and the all old wounds have been healed. Next step would seem to be, Frehley joining KISS for their “End Of the Road” tour.




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