Frank Banali and Quiet Riot: “See Your Favourite Band, now”

If you’re putting aside your decision to see one of your favourite bands, don’t delay. Quiet Riot’s drummer Frankie Banali said, “Do it now, before it’s too late.”

Banali recently appeared on the “Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon” podcast, and he spoke openly: “It’s no secret that none of us are young kids anymore. A lot of our musical brothers are dying, and other ones either have health issues or just don’t want to put their bodies and their minds through the touring thing anymore. If you’re a fan of any particular band, you should be well-advised — especially if it’s a band from the ’80s or the ’70s — that if you say to yourself, ‘Well, I’ll catch them next time,’ there may not be a next time.”

Banali spoke about how things can change quickly in life. “When you get to be [in the] golden years, so to speak, make the effort to go see your band, because it may be the last time you’ll see them.” Banali said that his own band can relate to this. “I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, ‘I wish I had gone to see Quiet Riot in 2007, because the next thing I knew, Kevin DuBrow died, and I will never get to see Quiet Riot with Kevin DuBrow.”

The recent death of Mr Big drummer Pat Torpey along with the retirement of Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton due to battle with Parkinson’s, has had a sobering affect on Banali. “Pat and I were friends. He was one of the most dedicated drummers I have ever seen, and it’s a huge loss, because he was such a sweet guy.” About Tipton, Banali said, “It’s a difficult one to accept. One of our greatest moments was in 1983 when we had the honor and privilege to open up for Judas Priest on the U.K. tour. All those guys were amazing to us, but especially so with Glenn. An incredible guitarist, and a very easy-to-be-around person.”

How does all this play for Quiet Riot, and do they see themselves approaching the ‘finish line’? Banali said, “I don’t see that in the future unless there’s some catastrophe. I always tell people that on my death, when they’re sticking me in the ground, they’re going to hear me tapping out a tune from inside.”

Quiet Riot’s latest album, ‘Road Rage,’ was released last August. The band’s current lineup includes Banali, bassist Chuck Wright (who has been in and out of the group since 1982), guitarist Alex Grossi (who has been in the band since 2004), and vocalist James Durbin.


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