Foufounes Électriques temporarily closed due to lawsuit

A prominent Montreal club-bar has been temporarily closed due to numerous reports of violence and aggression on the part of its bouncers.

Foufounes Électriques, one of the city’s most popular locales in the Latin Quarter, was slapped with a ten-day forced closure. As reported in La Presse newspaper, Foufounes owners had to meet before the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeuxthe government body that oversees bars, for 44 allegations of violence and excessive force against its bouncers.

Some customers were reportedly hit in the face or strangled. According to La Presse, one man says a bouncer broke his tooth, while a woman says she was kneed by a bouncer after complaining about the wait time to get into the bar. The Régie also criticized the bar for fights breaking out between customers, and for 72 incidents of theft between 2013 and 2016.

According to Hugo R. Martin, a lawyer who had previously represented the bar, given the fact that the bar is open seven days a week, the number of complaints was not unreasonable. He told La Presse, “a complaint being filed is not the same as a complaint being verified.”

During the hearings with the Régie, Foufounes admitted that its bouncers had been acting with excessive force. They also agreed to the suspension. Foufounes has also reportedly installed surveillance cameras and is retraining its bouncers.

At this time it is not clear when the ten-day closure will take effect, as the bar has events listed for the coming days on its Facebook page.


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