Fans to Triumph; saluted on the screen

One of Canada’s premier Rock bands, Triumph, is getting the documentary treatment. A collaboration between Banger Films, Revolver Films, and Bell Media’s streaming service Crave has resulted in the production of “Triumph: Lay It On The Line,” the first-ever feature about the dramatic career of the legendary power trio.

The producers are now inviting a limited number of fans to be part of the action. The group of lucky fans will have the opportunity to attend a special event that will be filmed for the documentary. The interactive event is scheduled for Saturday, November 16 in the Greater Toronto Area.

Attendees will have the chance to explore the story of the group, interact with rare artifacts and iconic props from the Triumph legacy, and, of course, hang out with the band themselves. It also is an opportunity for Triumph to say thank you to the fans who have stuck with them for over 30 years.

Fans interested in attending should contact Banger Films at for information on how they can be a part of this momentous event. Space is limited. For a teaser to the event, check out the “Triumph Superfan Fantasy Event” video below.

The documentary will feature interviews with band members, contemporaries, and their fans. It will be an all-access pass into the story behind the hit records. Fans can expect unseen footage and unheard audio. It is truly a story about the three friendships that formed the basis of one of Canada’s most successful rock bands.

Triumph has had a long career from its humble beginnings in the GTA circuit of the mid-70s to their heyday as touring arenas and stadiums across North America and the world. It was a career complete with the ups and downs. The film attempts to capture the story of an unsung band in all its moments, while also being a celebratory, exhilarating thrill ride through its history. The film is slated for release in 2020.

Drummer/vocalist Gil Moore, bassist/keyboardist Mike Levine, and guitarist/vocalist Rik Emmett formed Triumph in 1975. They quickly became a big name across Canada, thanks to tunes that mixed heavy rock with more progressive tunes. The recognized songs – anthems like “Lay It On The Line,” “Magic Power” and “Fight The Good Fight,” took them to new heights and broke them in the US.

In doing so, Triumph amassed a legion of passionate fans. Just when the band was reaching huge heights, they broke up, losing the opportunity to say thank you to all those loyal fans. And that fan base is still active today, three decades later.

Gil Moore offered this statement,Mike, Rik and I are thrilled to revisit our history, and especially to express our gratitude to our amazing fans. We are excited to be working on this documentary, and it is our way of reaching out to all those people who have touched us along the journey to say ‘thanks.'”

For Banger Films, this isn’t the first foray into music. “Triumph: Lay It On The Line” will fit alongside other documentaries, such as, “Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage,” “Super Duper Alice Cooper,” “Iron Maiden: Flight 666,” and “ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band From Texas.”

Moore was also asked if there is any chance of Triumph ever playing shows again. He replied, “It’s really hard to say. Times change and I’ve gotten into a whole different career with my studio, Metalworks, so I’m kind of tied down with that. It just comes down to hours in a day.”

Moore continued, “I love Triumph. I’m not gonna say that we won’t play again. Now, Rik just told me he’s gonna play through the end of December and then he’s gonna kind of wrap it up, for the most part, in terms of traveling and playing gigs.”

Moore confirmed that the band has been approached about reuniting. He said,Live Nation approached us. They want us to do a big show in Toronto next summer. And we [said], ‘We’re not rehearsed. We don’t have a touring show.’ [And they told us] ‘We’ll put something together — maybe a ‘Triumph And Friends’ [concert].’ So is it yes or no? Moore added, “I never wanna say ‘no’ to it. I know that if we would get together, it would be for charity — that would be the motivation to do it. But I can’t promise anything.”

Emmett has said in various interviews over the years that he would welcome the chance to play Triumph songs with Moore and Levine again but that those two have been reluctant to commit. “If the carrot was big enough and golden enough, I think it would make Mike and Gil, but especially Gil, do it,” Emmett told the QMI Agency back in 2012.

For the time being, fans will have to do with the upcoming documentary and see if the interest leads to something bigger.


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