E’Nuff Z’Nuff’s Vie readies new solo album

Former lead vocalist for Enuff Z’Nuff, Donnie Vie, continues to explore new avenues with his latest solo release, ‘Beautiful Things.

Vie offered this vivid description of the album, due in November, “The gods left a basket of really cool ideas on my doorstep, and then it was like a build-your-own sundae out of melodies and sounds.”

In an effort to raise not only awareness but also funds, Vie is using the PledgeMusic campaign as a fundraiser for the new album. In a recent conversation with Ultimate Classic Rock, he said that his career has provided him with the opportunity and ability to write many songs, but there was a time when he wondered whether that streak of creativity might have come to an end. He shared a lengthy update with his fans through PledgeMusic.

“With a loyal fan base and belief in the talent and quality of our songs and records that still continue to grow and improve, I kept to the grindstone for many years with the band, battling many issues, both personal and professional, I soon realized all I was doing was grinding off my own nose and confusing motion with progress,” Vie wrote.

Vie attributed family and friends as the reasons for him persevering and inspiring him to move forward: “After some very strong solo records, facing most of the same problems, and a few years in hiatus to physically and spiritually rebuild, a new energy began to form in and around me. It started with strong bond of family and support and slowly getting back in touch with the fans and truly talented friends from throughout my long journey who all very much believed in and loved the work I have done and created. Naturally, wonderful new melodies and song ideas started to pour out.”

Vie has made “I Could Save the World” as the first song available from the album. Vie said, “It’s a big song! Just passion and colors, and you can definitely hear the vocals.” The track features, among others, Roger Joseph Manning Jr., of Jellyfish, drummer Matt Walker (Morrissey, Beck).

You can listen to the exclusive premiere of the song below. ‘Beautiful Things’ is available for pre-order now. The pre-order gives you access to additional incentives and merchandise, including the chance to get your name in the liner notes and have your photo on the album cover.

Source: www.ultimateclassicrock.com

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