Duffy speaks about next Cult album

As fans wait for a new album by The Cult, the band’s guitarist Billy Duffy has said in a new interview that there is no rush to follow-up the band’s last album, 2016’s ‘Hidden City.’

Duffy said, “These days, it takes a lot longer to collect material, but we’ve definitely got plans to do it, but there’s not a big rush on it.” Duffy spoke about ‘Hidden City: “The last album did so well, so we don’t wanna rush into just putting something out for the sake of it. It’s always got to be quality now, not quantity.”

Duffy is preaching patience to the dedicated fan base. He said, “I don’t think the fans are gonna just vanish now; they’ve been with us this long. And I think that ‘Hidden City’ did so well — it set the platform and the kind of feeling, like, ‘Well, we made a pretty strong album. Now we can go out and enjoy [playing material from our entire career live.'”

At the present time, the Cult are on a 30th anniversary celebratory North American tour for their breakout album, ‘Sonic Temple.’ Duffy went on to say that he is “completely absorbed in playing” the album in its entirety. He said, “It’s just heaven, because I’m a ’70s guy, and just to get to play this which was my ’70s rock album. No limitations — just make the best rock records you can make without worrying about. Ian [Astbury, vocals] describes it as cinematic, and I’d agree with that.

Duffy said that Sonic Temple’ was the epitome of guitar playing for him: “For me, it was just trying to channel all ’70s rock albums that made me wanna be a guitarist.”

‘Hidden City’ was released in February 2016. It was the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Choice Of Weapon.’

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