Deep Purple not quite ready for the Long Goodbye

This will come as great news for long-standing fans of classic rockers Deep Purple: guitarist Steve Morse, speaking at last week’s NAMM music convention in Anaheim, said the band is going to record a new album in 2019, the band’s 21st studio effort. Morse also hinted at the possibility of U.S. tour dates.

Deep Purple’s last LP was 2017’s ‘Infinite.’ Fans and critics had assumed that this was their last album, mainly because the accompanying tour was titledThe Long Goodbye.” Morse, who also works with prog band Flying Colors, said, “We’re starting two albums – one with Flying Colors and one with Deep Purple.” He continued, “I know there are more Deep Purple gigs that they haven’t announced yet, so this year it might be U.S., but there’s nothing booked for sure.”

As far as the band finally calling it a day, Morse said, “When the music for so many years is the most important place in your life, [it’s] impossible in one day to abandon it. In general, I know that the guys are not going to retire. They would rather die onstage than in bed.”

Other band members have alluded to when the final day comes. Singer Ian Gillan said, “We’re so close to the end now – within a year or two, three, four. Who knows? But it’s close,” he reported.

Bassist Roger Glover is not feeling the need to end things just yet, He said, “Deep Purple has been such a presence in our lives for 50 years that none of us want it to end, but the realization is there that sooner or later we are going to have to stop,” he reflected. “I’d love to go on and make another album. Emotionally, we’re not ready to stop, so we could carry on for another four or five years.”

For now, fans have to delight in Morse optimistic words.


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