Chez Maurice Joins Point Zero 8

Chez Maurice, the off-island show bar in Saint-Lazare has announced it’s joined with Point Zero 8 as a corporate sponsor. The move will ensure it’s patrons have access to the designated driving service on a year-round basis.

Patrons who want to avail themselves of the service need only sign up for a membership card through a link provided on the bar’s Facebook page.

Unlike Operation Red Nose which is a seasonal service offered by volunteers during the Christmas/New Years period, Point Zero 8 is a year-round service supported by membership fees and corporate sponsors.

The deal is not only of benefit to customers who don’t want to risk drinking and driving but will likely prove a boon to business, with music lovers less likely to stay home, knowing they can have a great night out and not worry about how they’ll be getting themselves home safely.

Hats off to Chez Maurice for being a responsible corporate citizen. Rock On!

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