CD’s falling out of favour – Michael Sweet

The future for cd’s is dire – according to Michael Sweet, lead vocalist of Stryper.

Speaking with Myglobalmind, Sweet said, “CDs are becoming obsolete, and in a few years, they will be. It’s all about streaming and to some degree about downloading.”

There is not much argument that full-length albums seem to be a dying art these days, with streaming services like Spotify the preferred route for listening to music. Sweet added, “The scary part about streaming is the artist doesn’t get paid very much,” he continued. “It’s sad when you spend months of your life making an album and investing so much into it, and people stream or download one song. It’s really a bummer.”

Sweet acknowledges that many of today’s music listeners have no connection to things he and others experienced in the past: “There was something really special about buying vinyl and CDs to look at the artwork and read the lyrics or liner notes. You would then listen to every song, even the song that you didn’t like at first would become your favorite six months later because you kept listening to the entire album. Now people just download or listen to the single and don’t even hear the other songs.”

For a short period, digital downloads was the top-selling format in the music industry. It wasn’t long before they were overtaken by music streaming services. Now as a result, artists are choosing to no longer release full-length albums. Instead, they issue singles right to iTunes, Spotify and YouTube – the primary access points for music.

Sweet added, “It’s interesting times we live in as bands are trying to figure out how to thrive and make it work.”

Stryper’s new album, ‘God Damn Evil,’ will be released on April 20.


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