Bon Jovi delays new album release

The entertainment industry continues to adjust to reflect the Covid-19 pandemic. For those waiting for the new release from Bon Jovi, you will have to be a bit more patient: the new album, ‘Bon Jovi: 2020,’ originally set for a May 15 release, has now been delayed until the fall.

The news was received via a new interview done by Jon Bon Jovi: “The album is delayed until the fall. And I’m disappointed — especially disappointed — because the record is so great, but it didn’t feel right to release it right now.”

He also spoke about the band’s decision to cancel it’s 2020 U.S. tour: “We’ve canceled it — it’s not postponed. This way people are gonna be able to get refunds. I was very aware that folks are gonna need that money — that that money’s gonna help with rent or groceries and credit card bills in this time of uncertainty. We just wanted folks to know that they were there for us for these three-plus decades, [and] we are there for them. We’ll be back when it’s okay to be back.”

If you tuned into last night’s (Wednesday) ‘Jersey4Jersey’ pandemic relief fundraiser, you saw Jon Bon Jovi debut a song  that he wrote about COVID-19 called “Do What You Can.” You can see a video clip of the performance in the link below.

Last month, the band’s keyboardist David Bryan tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. He has since recovered, saying: “There are people who have no symptoms, people who got sick (like me), people fighting for their lives and people who sadly have lost their lives. This is a nasty virus but science/medicine will conquer all. Thank you to all the doctors and nurses and all on the front lines. You are the true heroes!”

Bon Jovi’s tour in support of the new album was scheduled to launch in June.


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