Black Sabbath boxes 1970’s Singles

By most opinions, Black Sabbath would hardly fall under the category of a “singles band.” If one is to assume that a “single” is usually a three-minute Pop song that hits Top 40 radio, Sabbath would fall far from that description. Or maybe not. Now defying the odds, the band is releasing ‘Supersonic Years – The Seventies Singles Box Set,’ a box set collection of their 1970’s singles, .

After the release of their debut single, “Evil Woman,” in 1970 and followed by the chart success of “Paranoid,” Black Sabbath was not comfortable working with the confines of what the Singles format offered, leading to a self-imposed ban on releasing singles in the early ’70s. Record Mirror ran a story in November of 1970 stating that “”Sabbath have decided to place a ‘ban’ on singles in the future. Their hit, ‘Paranoid,’ as far as they are concerned is their first and last single. They will also oppose any attempt to draw singles material from future albums.”

This ‘ban’ on singles in the UK lasted until 1972. Then as a lead-in for their fourth LP, ‘Vol 4,’ they issued “Tomorrow’s Dream” as a 45. From then on, a steady run of singles followed that showed that many of their songs did lend themselves well to the format.

Supersonic Years – The Seventies Singles Box Set‘ will be released June 8. It features an array of unique content:
* Five rare single edits: Iron Man / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Am I Going Insane (Radio) / Hard Road / Symptom Of The Universe.
* 10 unique color picture sleeves from around the world, either ultra-rare or exclusive to this box set.
* New liner notes booklet detailing the rarities contained within the box set.

The box set features the following singles:
Disc 1: Evil Woman (Don’t Play Your Games With Me) / Wicked World – 1970
Disc 2: Paranoid / The Wizard – 1970
Disc 3: Iron Man (Single Edit) / Electric Funeral – 1970
Disc 4: Tomorrow’s Dream / Laguna Sunrise – 1972
Disc 5: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Edited Version) / Changes – 1973
Disc 6: Am I Going Insane (Radio) (Single Edit) / Hole In The Sky – 1975
Disc 7: Gypsy / She’s Gone – 1976
Disc 8: It’s Alright / Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor – 1976
Disc 9: Never Say Die / She’s Gone – 1978
Disc 10: Hard Road (Single Edit) / Symptom Of The Universe (German Single Edit) – 1978

You can pre-order ’Supersonic Years – The Seventies Singles Box Setvia this link


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