Bach new album on the backburner

It seems all the anticipation and interest in new music from Sebastian Bach, while it might have been warranted, it will have to be tempered – Bach has announced that the album won’t be out for a while.

The former Skid Row confirmed on “The Metal Command” radio show that he continues to put together material for the follow-up to 2014’s ‘Give ‘Em Hell album, but his constant touring has put the recording on hold. “I am working on a new record, but I’m doing so many shows that it’s just not gonna be possible for me to make it anytime soon,” he said.

Bach reinforced what he’s said before: “I have some tunes from John 5 (Rob Zombie guitarist), a really heavy tune from Steve Stevens (Billy Idol guitarist), and one from (guitarist) Devin Bronson, who played on ‘Give ‘Em Hell.’”

Bach previously stated that “the mission” of his next record “is to capture a cool vibe.” He added that the album would “be more uplifting and fun.” He did not offer any further information as to when the album would be completed.


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