Album from AC/DC coming to fruition?

If the continuing rumours are indeed true, it appears that AC/DC might have at least one more album left in their arsenal. Brian Johnson has reportedly confirmed that he will appear on the band’s upcoming studio album.

The rumors first circulated last year when Johnson and drummer Phil Rudd, along with guitarists Angus Young and Stevie Young, were photographed outside Vancouver’s Warehouse Studios. An assumption was made that AC/DC was in the midst of making another album. While the band have yet to reveal any details, the latest bit of positive news comes from Johnson himself, earlier this this week.

Apparently Johnson bumped into the American band Terrorizer at an airport near his home in Sarasota, Florida, and the trio took to its Facebook page to recap the encounter: “We ran into Brian Johnson from AC/DC at the airport today after the flight home and we asked him about the rumors of him being on the new AC/DC album and he said ‘yes’ and that he is ‘sick of denying it.’ So that was a cool surprise.”

Ever since AC/DC completed the its ‘Rock Or Bust’ tour  more than two years ago, fans have wondered whether remaining founding member Angus Young would keep the band going. The last couple of years have been trying for AC/DC: they have seen the death of co-founder Malcolm Young, as well as the departures of Johnson, Rudd and bassist Cliff Williams. Johnson was forced to leave mid-tour due to a dangerous level of hearing loss, and was eventually replaced on the road by Axl Rose, while Williams decided to retire at the end of the cycle

Everything seems to be pointing to a new album, and on-line reports have also indicated Angus Young will dedicate the new AC/DC album to his late brother.


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