Advertising On Mountain City Rock

Are you the owner of a small business, looking to promote your brand and your products, but radio advertising seems out of reach? For as little as $300 a month, plus taxes and fees, you can begin advertising to an engaged and loyal audience and begin building your brand into the household name you want it to be. It’s time to start taking advantage of what every marketing expert agrees, is the most effective marketing tool ever invented – radio.

Though Mountain City Rock is an online station, the vehicle is the same as traditional radio, music and talk programming that attracts and engages listeners and draws them in time and time again. Look around you and you’ll see that every mainstream broadcasting outfit is pushing their app – just like Mountain City Rock. This is the future of radio.

If you haven’t already, if you merely stumbled on to the Mountain City Rock website, take a few moments and listen to our programming. We are a station founded by professional radio people, run by professional radio people. One listen will reveal the quality programming we deliver 24/7 and our programming, unlike the majority of online or “Internet Stations” is geared to Montrealers and residents of the surrounding regions.

So if you own or operate a business in Montreal or the surrounding areas, on the South Shore, West Island, Off-Island to the West, Laval, The Laurentians, The Lanaudiere, The Eastern Townships or even the Quebec City Region, Mountain City Rock is the emerging Rock, Hard Rock & Heavy Metal station to advertise with.

Send us an email HERE, and someone from our sales staff will contact you to discuss your needs and budget and design a custom ad campaign that meets your marketing and sales goals.