Tony Iommi On Life After Sabbath

It’s been a year since Black Sabbath‘s final show in their hometown of Birmingham, England. The Midland Rocks caught up with guitarist Tony Iommi to see what he’s been up to in the last year. Iommi has been keeping busy with charity work, and he told The Midland Rocks that he hasn’t thought about music much in the last year.

“I thought after this tour, ‘Well, now I will get time to just relax and do some stuff that I had always wanted to do,’ but it hasn’t happened yet,” he revealed. “I don’t know what it is — the time is just flying by, and I think because of all the years of not seeing my friends that often it has got to the stage now where I see them a lot. And we moved house, and we met a new group of friends, and so we have the old friends and the new friends and we just seem to be doing more than ever.”

“Music-wise, I would certainly like to start writing again, but at the moment I’m doing a lot of stuff for charities; Heartlands Hospital, which is part of the Heart Of England Foundation Trust, and also Wythall Animal Sanctuary, and both of those are very dear to me,” he continued.

“I just try and help where I can, and with the Hospital Trust, at the moment we are trying to raise some money to buy some beds for the chemo patients. And so that is something that I very much like to be involved with. You see, the nurses and the doctors, they work so hard and they don’t get a lot of credit for it and when you’re in there, they are all so committed and it sparks me off, and so that’s what I’ve been spending some of my time doing.”

Iommi was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2012 – he underwent surgery in January 2017 to have a non-cancerous lump removed from his throat and has been in good health since.


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