The Summer of Greta Van Fleet Fast Approaching

It was just a few weeks ago that Greta Van Fleet dropped hints about the music they’ve been working on for their debut album. Now guitarist Jake Kiszka has confirmed that the new music is “absolutely” coming out this year.

It’s been a long time since an act had as much advance hype and excitement for a release – especially an act that is essentially a ‘new act,’ and one that is releasing their first full-length album. This comes on the heels of a GvF’s 2014 live album and two EPs – the second a double – which were launched in 2017. Kiszka spoke with Loudwire and said that they were approaching completion of the album: “We’re in the mixing process, so it’s going to be quite soon. We’re hoping to release that in late summer. Absolutely, this year.”

Kiszka’s brother, bassist Sam, added: “We had all these songs we wrote three to five years ago that we were just going to put on the album. It very quickly became all new. We’ve been aching to make this album.”

As far as what fans can expect on the new disc, Jake said,“Each of us has his own set of influences, so that brings a great diversity to the music we make. Every one of our songs has its own unique complexities and we’d like for the full album to showcase that diversity, let people see what we can really do.”

Sounds like the summer is going to be filled with the sounds of Greta Van Fleet


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