The Rich List of UK musicians includes Ozzy and Sharon

When it comes to the the wealthiest UK musicians, most people would acknowledge that at the top of the list you’re likely to find Paul McCartney (ranked #1) or Elton John (ranked #4), but would you guess that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne would make the list?

According to The Pulse Of Radio, coming in strong at #17 are the Osbournes. The list is found in the annual Sunday Times Rich List, which will be published this Sunday (May 13) and will highlight the 36 wealthiest musicians in England.

The full annual Rich List calculates the wealth of the 1,000 richest people in Britain based on “identifiable wealth,” including land, property, assets such as art and racehorses, and significant shares in public companies. It does not, however, include money in private bank accounts.

For someone who “grew up poor in a poor part of Birmingham, called Aston,” Ozzy’s achievements have to applauded. He said, “I used to sit there thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it great if this happened…’ and ‘Wouldn’t it be great if my dad won the lottery…’ I thought all the family hardship was caused over lack of money, you know. And that’s not the case,”

The Osbournes are worth approximately $196 million in U.S. dollars. Other notable musicians on the Rich List include all four members of Coldplay, The Who’s Pete Townshend, Pink Floyd members Nick Mason, David Gilmour and Roger Waters, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton and Ed Sheeran.


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