Stone Sour, a Band of Brothers

Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga believes that it takes more than musicianship for a band to gel. In a recent interview with radio station FM94 in Little Falls, MN, he covered a few different topics, but it was his comment about the importance of brotherhood in a band that stood out.

When asked about the chemistry and specifically how it relates to Stone Sour, he replied, “First off, off stage, you definitely have to get along. That chemistry has to be there; otherwise, there’s no point in being a band. We all definitely respect each other and love each other. We’re brothers. I’ve been in the band about five years. I’ve never been in a band any longer than a couple years. We all have mutual respect for each other, and we enjoy being around each other. It makes it easy to tour.”

Regarding the band’s latest album, ‘Hydrograd,’ Mayorga said, “We put together the best songs with no expectations. We’re really happy with how things turned out, especially the process of making the record. It was the first time that the whole band recorded in a room live, together. It brings the character out in the band the most, doing it that way. I think that really came across in the record.”

The band is currently on its touring cycle. Speaking about this, Mayorga said, “It’s been crazy, one of our best tours. So far, we’re at 90 shows in seven months in 18 or 19 countries. It’s been great.”

Mayorga joined Stone Sour in 2006. His resume includes playing in bands such as, Nausea, Soulfly and Crisis. Over the years, he has also toured or recorded with Ozzy Osbourne, Sepultura, Amebix and Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction).

Stone Sour will support Osbourne on the initial North American leg of the “No More Tours 2” tour, which kicks off August 30 in Allentown,PA.


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