Riley Sweeney Lynch: Black Earth melds Heavy Metal

File under: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: Riley Sweeney Lynch, son of director David Lynch (“Blue Velvet,” “Mulholland Drive,” “Twin Peaks”), has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a “proof of concept” for his directorial debut, “Black Earth.”

Riley, who is also a musician and was featured performer in one episode of last year’s “Twin Peaks: The Return,” posted a video on the project’s Kickstarter page. He describes “Black Earth” as a story “about fairy tales, superstition and heavy metal.”

For those who might not know Riley’s background he states that “metal music is a critical part of who I am,” and that it “stirs up something positive in the deepest parts of my soul, a warm chaos that propels me to work and to create.”

“Black Earth” is about a guitarist named Jack, described as “a lonely metal-head who wants to leave his small town home to join a metal band, but his lack of self-confidence has rendered him inert.” Riley says that the story has been in his mind for a while. “It’s been in different forms for two years now.”

For those interested in contributing to the campaign, an added perk that is being offered for $500 is listed as a “truly brutal reward for the most brutal of backers” — a 30-second “personal metal jingle” written about the donor.

For more information, visit the “Black Earth” Kickstarter page. So far the campaign has raised more that $18,000.


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