Pepper Keenan and Corrosion Of Conformity

Nationally Syndicated radio show Full Metal Jackie caught up with Corrosion of Conformity vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan for an interview on the January 12-14 edition. Keenan tacked a few different subjects, including the band’s new album, ‘No Cross No Crown,’ and his reunion with the band.

Speaking about the new album, Kennan said, “I like challenging ourselves in terms of the music and the lyrics. We kind of went backwards a little bit, and that was using John Custer, our longtime producer, for the pattern of some of the records that we did and enjoying those things. Once we started tracking the new album, it really started to fill itself in. I think part of the thing with C.O.C. is we don’t try to control the songs so much. I think that ends up for a very diversified, but yet cohesive kind of record.”

In recent years, Keenan had been busy touring and recording with New Orleans metal band Down. He reunited with C.O.C in 2014. He was asked about his expectations. “I think one of the big factors was I kind of felt like the C.O.C. chapter of my life wasn’t over. At this point in the game, you’ve got to let things happen. I knew it would just happen without trying to push it too hard and create something that wasn’t there.” Keenan continued, “We’re all older and wiser; I think the idea of playing the songs was the glue. Once we started playing all the songs, it just kind of came back, like riding a bicycle. It just really fell into place — it wasn’t really that difficult.”

With Down, Keenan focused on playing guitar. He was asked whether it was difficult to return to singing after playing guitar for so long: “It was an interesting challenge,” he said,”I’ve been singing, but yeah, I had to get my pipes back in shape, for sure.”

‘No Cross No Crown’ was released on January 12. The album is the group’s first studio effort with Keenan in more than a decade. The band is currently touring with Black Label Society. Additional support is being provided by Eyehategod and Red Fang on select shows.


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