Grohl working on lengthy instrumental

Dave Grohl is certainly a musician’s musician. He’s a virtuoso when it comes to playing multiple instruments, and he’s now set his sights on a ‘real’ solo project.

In an interview posted on, Grohl revealed details of his plans to record a 25-minute instrumental song on which he’ll play all the instruments. He said, “I have a studio in LA, where I’m going to set up an expanse of instruments,” he continued, “several drum kits, a load of guitars, bass, rhythm and lead. I’ll hit play and the clock will start ticking. I will record the first drum part, then I will run to the next drum set and play another drum part that will record over the first. Then I will do the same with all the guitars, all assigned to a different moment in the instrumental.”

All the events will be filmed. “We’ll film everything with multiple cameras,” Grohl explained, “so by the end of it you will see and hear one song being played for 25 minutes, with six different Dave Grohls playing every note, on every single instrument, all the way through in one take.”

In addition to the latest Foo Fighters tour which has put Grohl front and center, he has also been seen on network television with his documentary film Sound City and the HBO series Sonic Highways, will be filming the solo session.

The question remains whether fans will ever get to see Grohl’s latest venture. He has certainly earned the right to do as he pleases with his music, and not let any negative comments affect him. “If I want to write a 25-minute instrumental, write all the music, play all the instruments, film it and then, guess what, maybe never even release it? I’ll do it. Just because I can,” he says.


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