For the love of Dee Snider: New album arrives

A few weeks ago there was news that Dee Snider was close to finishing up his latest solo album. This has now been confirmed by the former Twisted Sister vocalist – ‘For the Love of Metal is scheduled for release on July 27.

For the Love of Metal’ found Snider working alongside Hatebreed singer Jamey Jasta, who produced the project and is credited for pushing Snider to work on new music. If you can’t wait until July 27th, the album can be pre-ordered now through the Napalm Records website.

Snider’s enthusiasm about the album can also be seen in a video (shown below) he’s released to announce the album. He said, “For the first time since, I think, the Widowmaker days of the ’90s — I’ve got new, contemporary metal.” And how did he come up with the album title? Snider tells fans, “There was only one name. Jamey thought of it, and I said, ‘That’s the name, man.’ For the Love of Metal. Because I’m O.G. — I’m the original metalhead.”

Here is the complete track listing

Dee Snider, ‘For the Love of Metal’  
“Lies Are a Business”
“Tomorrow’s No Concern”
“I am the Hurricane”
“American Made”
“Roll Over You”
“I’m Ready”
“Running Mazes”
“Become the Storm”
“The Hardest Way”
“Dead Hearts (Love Thy Enemy)”
“For the Love of Metal”


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