Accident on the set of “The Dirt”

MÖTLEY CRÜE lived through some pretty dark days, many of which were re-told in their book, “The Dirt.” It’s likely that the events will also be captured in the upcoming film version of their biography, “The Dirt – Confessions Of The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band.” Now some of that darkness of the past has come forward into the present: according to TMZ, a crew member working on the film was rushed to the hospital after being electrocuted during production.

According to TMZ, the incident happened Saturday morning in New Orleans where the film is shooting, and the crew member was working on a rooftop at the time of the accident.

A rep for the film told The Hollywood Reporter, “Even though all of our safety protocols were in place, an accident did occur, and a crew member was injured by electricity.” He added that the the person is a member of the off-set rigging crew, and is expected to recover.

The film version of “The Dirt” is set to feature Daniel Webber (“The Punisher“) as Vince Neil, Douglas Booth as bassist Nikki Sixx, Machine Gun Kelly as drummer Tommy Lee, and Iwan Rheon (“Game Of Thrones“) as guitarist Mick Mars, while Rebekah Graf (“The Amityville Murders”, “Lycan“) will play Lee’s ex-wife, actress Heather Locklear.

Netflix will distribute the project.


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