Mountain City Rock

Mountain City Rock is the creation of founder Michael Dean Draycott, a former mainstream broadcaster and voice over talent in Montreal, Quebec. The station is a digital ONLY internet station in Montreal, owned by Molten Metal Media Inc.

Founded in early 2016, MCR is a commercial radio station offering the best Rock, Hard Rock & Heavy Metal to listeners throughout the city and the world. The programming is firmly rooted in Rock. The best of yesterday and the best NEW music from today’s hottest bands and recording artists.

The station’s stream can be accessed through the player on this site or through the station’s smartphone apps for Android and Apple devices. 

Michael Dean Draycott

Michael is a veteran broadcaster and entrepreneur. He has a long and varied background in media, beginning with a recording studio in the 90’s, then transitioning into mainstream broadcasting. He started at the bottom of the ladder as a swing-shift traffic reporter and worked his way up to hosting his own talk show on Montreal’s AM 940 Montreal.

Michael is the driving force behind Mountain City Rock. Yes, we have him to thank! Michael wears many hats at the station, so many, there are times he doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.

Founder, Co-Owner, Program Director, Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Writer, Producer, Technical Director – the list goes on. Aside from being “The Voice” of MCR he is the heart and soul of the station.

With a passion for radio and a love of rock n roll, his vision is a station that truly lives up to the moniker “The Home” of rock in Montreal.

Mike Chute

Mike is one of the most courageous guys you could meet. It’s a good thing too. We’re not quite sure he knows what he’s gotten into. When Mike told his friends he became co-owner of an internet radio station, their reaction was, quite simply, one of confusion.

Mike you see, is a veteran stuntman and stunt coordinator, with some 30 years in major motion pictures. He’s worked on dozens of films you’ve enjoyed with friends and family. Mike is one of the many dedicated pros who risk life and limb to bring the action to life.

From car chases and car wrecks, to bar fights, shoot outs, and high falls, Mike is one of the daring few who risk serious injury for our entertainment pleasure. And we love him for it!

As a newcomer to commercial radio, Mike brings a fresh perspective to the station. His input gives us the opportunity to do things a little differently and his love of hard rock music is a perfect fit. And just know, when he’s sitting in a stunt car, getting ready for a high intensity stunt, he’s cranking up the tunes on MCR, getting pumped up for the job.